Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday April 22, 2012: Arrival in Namibia

It takes from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon to fly from San Francisco to New York to Johannesburg to Walvis Bay.  But, it’s not actually as long as it sounds because you are flying into the sun so the “day” goes by quickly.  Ten of those hours just disappeared.  In the Johannesburg airport I met NASA scientists Chris McKay, Wanda Davis, and Margarita Marinova, University of Edinburgh graduate student Sophie Nixon, and Professor Don Cowan of the University of Pretoria (South Africa.)   In Walvis Bay I met everybody else.  We are about two dozen scientists from at least nine countries and three continents.  (Four continents if you include Antarctica, because most of these people have been there many times.)

Driving to the Gobabeb Training and Research Centre I saw lots of springbok and ostriches by the side of the road.  This little point-and-shoot camera isn’t the best for photographing animals from a distance, but I did my best.  They looked spectacular through my Nikon binoculars.

We settled in at the Gobabeb Centre, ate dinner and went to bed.  I am too tired tonight to post more, but stay tuned.

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